How do we make a profit?

The trading strategies of Done Hedge Fund are fully focused to utilize arbitrage opportunities in various segments of the financial markets. By engaging in both long and short positions in financial products Done Hedge Fund strives to maintain a market neutral position at all time. Profit is made by trading arbitrages strategies in thousands of financial products across the globe.

How much of my capital do you advice to invest in the Fund?

Investing in a fund like Done Hedge Fund provides added value when you spread your assets across different investments. Done Hedge Fund can reduce the risk in your investment portfolio while increasing the overall efficiency. You should note that Done Hedge Fund is not acting as investment manager and does not give concrete advice on exact allocation of your portfolio. We would however point out that diversification is crucial in achieving a good return on investment over a longer period.

How can I transfer money to the account of Done Hedge Fund?

Once you have completed the registration form you will be requested to print the form and send it to Circle Partners. This form also states information on how to transfer money and participate in Done Hedge Fund.

What are key points to think of, for me as an investor?

When you invest, it is wise to start with determining your investment needs and translate this into a desired risk profile. You need to decide which risks you can and want to take, based on this data, you can determine which combination of investment- and asset allocation fits your risk / return profile.

What is the minimal amount with which I can participate, deposit or withdraw?

The minimum amount for participating is € 5,000,000. Buying and selling is possible from € 10,000 upwards.

Where is the money I transfer to Done Hedge Fund kept?

You deposit your money into the ABN-AMRO bank account of the Stichting Bewaarder Done Hedge Fund in exchange for participations in Done Hedge Fund. Only the independent custodian of the Fund:  Stichting Bewaarder Done Hedge Fund, then has the authority to transfer this money to another account. Such a transaction will occur only if the Foundation is convinced that this request is justified. The manager and the staff of Done Hedge Fund at no time have direct access to your money.

Who is the custodian?

Safekeeping of your funds is done by a separate foundation: Stichting Bewaarder Done Hedge Fund. This foundation is created for this single purpose and has no other tasks and / or activities than the safekeeping of your investment.

Where can I ask other questions about the Fund?

Do you have a question that is not answered by the information on our website? Please feel free to contact us at +31 (0)20-205 07 67.

Will I lose my money if Done Fund Management goes bankrupt?

No, the assets and liabilities of Done Fund Management are legally and economically separated from all assets and liabilities of Done Hedge Fund. Done Fund Management only acts as a Fund manager and is authorized to perform transactions in the account of our fund. Done Fund Management is not able to access the funds of our participants. The funds are held by a custodian: Stichting Bewaarder Done Hedge Fund. The custodian is administered by Circle Investment Support Services BV, an independent financial services provider.

What costs does Done Fund Management charge?

Done Fund Management charges a fixed management fee of 2% per year (0.1666% per month). This is a fee that is calculated based on the fund assets. In addition a so called performance fee can be charged, this fee is only charged if Done Fund Management realizes a profit on your investment. The performance fee is 20% of the result and has a “high water mark”. These two fees are already included in the NAV. Finally, you pay 1% exitfee on selling your participation.

What is a "high-watermark"?

A high-water mark is the highest peak in value that Done Hedge Fund has reached. The high-water mark ensures that the manager does not get paid performance fee before reaching a new highest peak in value. In other words, the manager is constantly incentived to set new highs in the Fund.

Are the prices in the performance graph net or gross?

The graph shown on the website Done Hedge Fund shows net performance. This means that the graph reflects the return for the participant net of all costs, excluding exit fee.

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